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We are the ones in charge of caring, cleaning personalizing your sneakers

Sneaker Eco Clean, LLC, is a specialized company offering cleaning and care services for all types of sports and general footwear, both traditional and high-end. Our approach extends beyond conventional cleaning; we employ cutting-edge technology, premium products, and specialized techniques to ensure the prolonged lifespan and impeccable appearance of all footwear.


Sports Shoes

Donation 200

200 Smiles Faces Charity Donation


800 Sneaker Pairs Cleaned

Different services of Basic clean, Deep clean, restoration, Customization.


20 Cities and Communities

We cover different cities and communities in the State of California


Thousands of

Transactions per day


Mission and Vision

OUR Mission

At the core of Sneaker Eco Clean beats the conviction that each pair of shoes deserves an extended life and impeccable look. We are committed to transforming the footwear cleaning experience, and our mission is to offer exceptional services for all types of sports and high-end footwear. Through the adoption of cutting-edge technology, premium products, and specialized techniques, we aim not only to clean but to revitalize every step. Whether in our express service stores or through our convenient pick-up and delivery, we aspire to provide our customers with a unique and personalized experience. By cultivating loyalty through exclusive memberships, we strive to be the undisputed benchmark in footwear care, blending excellence with an authentic commitment to sustainability.

OUR Vision

On the horizon of Sneaker Eco Clean, we envision a world where each pair of shoes tells its own story through the exceptional care it receives. We aspire to be more than a footwear cleaning company; we aim to be the preferred choice for those seeking a unique and sustainable experience. Our vision encompasses expansion to diverse locations and the diversification of our portfolio, offering not only cleaning but also customized sneakers and premium care products that enhance the individuality of each pair. Through social responsibility and shoe donation, we see ourselves as catalysts for change, weaving a network that positively impacts the community and the world.


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